How to apply Tumorid

Before you start, please prepare these items and have them handy

1. Ruler or caliper

2. Camera

3. Bandage

4. If your pet has long hair, a shaver, or hair removal cream.

If your pet has long and thick hair, you will want to cut or shave the surrounding area around the tumor so the bandage will not hurt the pet when you have to remove it.

a) Next, measure the tumor with a ruler or a caliper, and take a picture w/ the measurement device present so you have a base line.

b) Open the box of Tumorid™ (dark color salve) and use the applicator to scoop out a thin layer either directly onto the tumor or onto a bandage.

c) Bandage the tumor for 24 hours.

d) After 24 hours, remove the bandage. You may see swelling, bleeding or oozing. If you see these, then the salve is working and you shall apply the healing salve (looks like butter) the same way with a thin layer on the bandage or directly. The healing salve should be applied for six days. During this time, you may need to rebandage the tumor two to three times a day. You might see scabbing, bleeding and oozing. These are signs that the salve is working to kill off the tumor's tissues. Be patient and change the dressing to keep the tumor area clean.

Make sure your pets do not lick the tumor area. Tumorid salve can damage the pet's mouth and tongue. If you need to, please make sure you use an E-Collar on your pets to prevent licking.

Once you have finish one week of the salve, if the tumor has not completely disappeared, then re-follow steps A to D again.

Please also read FAQ for additional information.