Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Tumorid® a cancer salve?

No, it is not a cancer salve. If the cancer has not spread to other areas, then this salve will destroy the cancer cells encapsulated within the tumor. Please check Bobo’s mast cell tumor report. If the cancer has already metastasized, then it will only buy you some time so you can treat your pets by taking them to your oncologist or vet.

2. Has this been approved by the FDA?

It has not been approved by the FDA.

3. Can I use it on myself?

It has not been tested on humans. I used it on myself once but since I do not have any kind of abnormal growth, I only got some discoloration on my skin, and that went away after a period of time.

4. Can I use it on my cat?

It has been tested on dogs and horses so far. It has not been tested on cats.

5. Do you provide refunds?

If you can send documentation (pictures) that the salve doesn’t work on your animals, then yes, within 30 days, a refund will be provided. Shipping and handling charges will not be refunded.

6. Why are “other homeopathic ingredients” not listed completely on the box?

Homeopathic ingredients are so diluted that the amounts of active ingredients do not showing up in any of the lab tests. It’s an energetic medicine like acupuncture. Therefore, listing them can be kind of misleading, especially if you cannot find the ingredients.

7. Why use homeopathic ingredients if they are so diluted?

Just like acupuncture needles, it is a powerful form of medicine. Homeopathic medicine works on energy systems even when the ingredients are diluted into minute molecules.

8. Why are you making this salve for animals?

Please read Tumorid® history.

9. Will you ship this internationally?

Yes. Please email for shipping cost.

10. Where can I purchase this?

You can purchase online, on Ebay, or if you are in the Portland Vancouver metro area, you can visit

Battleground Apothecary

11. Can I use this internally?

No, this is an external skin salve only.

12. What is your shipping cost?

For U.S customers, flat rate shipping cost of $10. International customers, please email

13. What are the ingredients and where do you source your ingredients?

All ingredients are sourced from the U.S except for homeopathic ingredients from England.

Tumorid ingredients.jpg